The American Forensic Association welcomes organizations supporting the objectives and credo of the Association to affiliate with our organization. Below are the organizations that have affiliated with us. Organizations interested in affiliation are invited to examine the relevant sections of our Constitution and Bylaws, and to contact the Association’s President to negotiate an affiliation agreement.

  • Cross Examination Debate Association. An organization of college and university debate programs sponsoring a sweepstakes championship and national tournament each year.
  • The National Parliamentary Debate Association. Sponsors of a sweepstakes championship and a national tournament for colleges and universities participating in parliamentary format debate.
  • National Forensic Association. Sponsors of the oldest national open individual events tournament for colleges and universities . Their championship tournament is held each spring.
  • The International Debate Education Association. An independent membership organization of national debate programs and associations and other organizations and individuals that promote debate and debate related activities.
  • The American Debate Association. The ADA seeks to foster the growth of intercollegiate policy debate by developing a set of rules designed to better balance the educational and competitive goals of debate.
  • The Interstate Oratorical Association. The oldest oratorical contest in the United States has annually sponsored a contest for two winning contestants from each state since 1872.
  • The National Communication Association. The national scholarly organization for researchers and teachers in communication.
  • National Debate Coaches Association. A national advocacy group promoting the profession of debate coaching in high schools across the nation.
  • aloud – Associated Leaders of Urban Debate – Helps High School Districts, governmental agencies and community based organizations to identify and customize resources to provide debate opportunities for youth across the country.